Singing City (Festival of Voice) - Jun 25, 2022

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Event date: 
Jun 25 2022 - 4:00pm
St George's Hall, Bristol
Great George Street (off Park Street)
BS1 5RR Bristol,
United Kingdom
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Singing City - Saturday 25 June 2022 A special day in the month-long Festival of Voice at St George’s Hall Bristol.

Our ultimate aim is to represent the richness and diversity of choirs and singing groups in Bristol. This is the first of many opportunities for choirs of all genres and styles to present their favourite music.

The musical programme will be interspersed with fascinating interactive sessions ranging from learning a new Gospel song in just quarter of an hour, to hearing about the latest research on the impact of singing on our well-being and positive mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions: Who is invited? There are many choirs in Bristol all of whom we would love to welcome to St George’s. For this pilot event we have capacity for a maximum of 18 choirs. We aim to host a diverse mix of choirs that represent the different singing communities in the city. How many singers on stage? Each choir can have a Minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 singers on stage.

Structure of the day? In order to accommodate the maximum number of choirs the day will be divided into two half-day sessions.

(12pm to 3pm, 4 till 7pm). Each choir will be on stage for 15 minutes