The GWC Lockdown Piece

Here it is! As well as starring The Great Western Chorus it includes appearances from numerous famous names from all over the Barbershop world.

All audio and video was recorded during lockdown.

Fun Singing Well!

...and here are some of the accolades we received from our barbershop friends who contributed to the piece...

“I was proud to have been asked to participate. And to get the last word was priceless. Haha.  Your guys are a mad but special bunch.” Mark Hale.

“OMG! I love it, Awesome - so much fun - Well Done"  Rob Mance

“Sandi and I just watched it.  We love it, thanks!”  David Wright

“You muppets!”  Emanuel. The Ringmasters.

“The video is AWESOME. So glad to be part of it”  Joe Cerutti.

"Thanks for sharing! Fun project. Well done" Marty Monson, CEO BHS

“Wow!! Amazing!!" Jim Henry

"Awesome, thank you" Kipp Buckner

"Ah, thank you. What fun" Sean Devine

Utter Muppetry!

Another fabulous piece recorded by the chorus during lockdown - enjoy the humour and the harmony!